Stylish Star Allu Arjun In Kapil Biopic Bunny Next Film

Allu Arjun in Bollywood
Allu Arjun in Bollywood
All Arjun Next movie. Bunny in Kapil Bio Pic


Stylish star Allu Arjun going to play a lead role in former team india captain  Kapil Dev Bio Pic bollywood news. “83” has confirmed title for Kapil Dev Bio Pic. in this film Ranveer singh going to play lead role of Kapil Dev, another cricketer Krishanama Chari Srikanth role Bunny going to play in this Kapil movie. Kabir Khan is the director for Kapil movie. Movie is based on 1983 world cup  as india won the cup. Allu Arjun In Kapil BioPic

Bunny need to announce that Bunny going to act in this film or not, bcoz bunny not agree bollywood movies as much as easy. Till date Bunny havent acted in any bollywood movies, but Bunny have good relation with Bollywood town people. Fews day back Bunny has visited the Rohit Shetty Golmall again movie sets. we need to wait for sometime for Bunny confirmation for the film Kapil Bio Pic.

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